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This Jacket is the ultimate game changer for those hot days.

Show jumping or competing when jackets are necessary, Judge has not approved not riding without jackets or your just in general a hot rider.

Ride in as little layers as possible with beautiful light material.


A little different to most. This two part show jacket it an exciting new adventure for riders today.


Show Jacket designed to keep you cool when riding, made with luxurious breathable fabric. Vest is lined with an abundance of pockets for practicality.

The quality 4 way stretch fabric on the sleeves/show shirt provides moisture wicking technology and provides UV protection.


Stylish long sleeve show shirt to be worn with the vest and together they make the jacket.

An unnoticable combo when worn together and you stay lovely and cool.

This combo is patent pending and is going to change the world of riding as we know it.

Airflow Show jacket

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