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Saddle pad, White Breeches, White show breeches, long socks, horse riding socks, Riding socks.


Horses are our Lifestyle, Riding is our Passion™

Holbrook Equestrian is a New Zealand owned company.

Our aim is to provide you with high quality items

A Little Bit Personal With The Creator.

Since I was young I have loved horses, Even before we lived on land to allow me to have a horse. Originally I grew up on a sail boat, the fact I was drawn to horses even then was a surprise in itself.
So I wanted to find a career that supported my horse addiction.

WIth this I have taken to becoming a Farrier, starting my own brand Holbrook Equestrian, Starting/ Producing many successful young horses, Schooling horses where owners need help, Giving lessons And competing for fun!

Our Brand is a quickly spreading through the horse community, starting to see people wearing it at shows and events all around New Zealand.​

I love our motto; Horses are our lifestyle, riding is our passion. 

In my opinion it explains horses and what they mean to our brand perfectly.

Riding is something we love to do, we thrive off of it, have fun and enjoy it. It's what gets us up in the mornings and helps us fall asleep at night - We mould our life around our horses so we can do what we love.


Over a decade of experience with starting horses, Producing and competing young green horses I would mainly get unhandled from the east coast of Gisborne

They generally arrive in average to poor condition. Transforming them into fun, safe and well seasoned babies gives me a huge sense of achievement. 

Creating youngsters that have a good foundation with a brilliant start makes it easier for you to be able to go out there and just do what you love doing with no hassle along the way. 

Ready to sell on to a home where they can thrive with someone wanting their next future star, or maybe just their next best friend.

All this time in the saddle helps me understand what us horse riders want, need and desire. Plus it also gives me the opportunity to put it all to the test! 


I finished my studies in Canada 2014 to become a farrier, since then I have loved every minute of getting under horses and bettering there performance.

A wealth of experience schooling, developing young horses and competing in all disciplines has given me a wonderful perspective on horses that I love passing on to my students.

It has amazed me how much I have learned over the years. Sometimes I think back to certain horses I have had in the past and wish I had them now, knowing that if I had them now we may have done even better!

I love that I can now pass it on to people who are still yet to learn what I know.


Send us a message today for a booking! 


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