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Canadian Qualified Farrier 2014.

Ridding Lesson information below.

A wealth of knowledge in handling horses from foals, Domesticated horses with bad manners or miss understood, Wild horses straight off the east coast of Gisborne etc. I have a strong understanding of how horses communicate and I know how to get the best out of a horse. 
Let me help you grow a better level of communication and a softer way of handling for you and your horse through lessons and schooling sessions.

From beginners to Veterans, I cater to all.
Helping you to improve you and your horse. ​ 
- Discaplines; Flatwork/Dressage, Show Jumping, Cross country, pleasure riding.

-The basics & fundamentals of riding; Including but not limited too, 
Upright Seat, Weight Aids, Leg Aids, Rein Aids, Establishing an independent seat.

-Confidence with jumping and in flatwork.

-Establishing a partnership with your horse in the saddle that looks effortless and as though you are together as one.

- Private Lessons $80
- Group $65

Please note these prices do not include arena fees if applicable. Or mileage if travelling to you over a 10km radius.

I have produced far too many to keep count. Developing Show jumpers, Eventers, Showing horses, Dressage, Happy hackers & Hunters.  
Using a strong Flatwork base to establish a supple, responsive, relaxed and happy horse.

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