Aramex is a rising 5yr gisborne bred gelding, Full height pony at 14.2hh.

He is a stunning type with a ruff start, he has turned into the coolest dude and would suit an experienced kid wanting a full height pony to take to shows with high goals. He would also suit a adult rider who wants to go to the forest/beach and do events. 

Ride one the buckle at the beach and forest, in company and alone. 

Unfazed by most things, although is weary of humans till he trust you due to His hard start to life. 

This sweet boy is very kind & Gentle, 

He has 3 lovely big paces and only wants to please. 

He is priced at 8000 ono including GST 

Price will increase with schooling.



Cookie is 8 rising 9 years old, 15.3hh, Gisborne Bred Gelding, Bred at Te wae wae in Wairoa.
Perfect Project for someone to bring on this season.
Good alone and in company, Front, or back although is too slow for the for the front.Cookie has had many outings to the beach/forest and is totally unfazed by dirt bikes doing wheelies past, road ridden, Has been to woodhillsands for open days and show jumping days. Plus more. 
He was bred at Te Wae Wae station in wairoa, a lady in taupo purchased him and he has sat with her till this year when i got him very under weight & no muscle due to the lack of grass and feed this year at there place. Since he has been with me he has put lots of weight on and has grown lots of muscle (however still has lots to go). He has had his feet done regularly (which he is perfect),His teeth have been done. 
He is a very sweet boy, easy on the ground etc. 
Good to ride, occasionally struggles cause his muscles that hes never had to use before are being used and growing so can get a little sore as expected.For this reason he will need lots of work on building and strengthening,when he is visibly uncomfortable we have gotten him body work, in which after is ready to go again.  
Very good with his walk, trot, canter. Picks up correct leads of canter and has a Very cool jump! Cookie is an incredibly smart horse and will make an awesome mount for someone. 
Happy to be taken out alone and in company, and floats well. He is such a dude, will be the perfect project for you to sell on later or keep as your forever horse!
A fun mount for any rider and discipline, ready to develop into your own.
For more information or too book a viewing please feel free to call or message me.

Price is Including GST, and will increase with mileage and schooling.



Perfect First hack / Adult ride with talent to burn. Would suit a kid moving off ponies wanting there first hack. 
H E Index
Very mature young man, has been out and about to Mark Wells camp/forest/beach/roads/woodhillsands, alone and in company with a very consistent laid back attitude.
This stunning gelding has the most amazing temperament.Although only rising 4 years old, he is exceptionally calm and willing to please.
15hh Stationbred X Gelding, rising 4 in the spring. Estimated Height 15.1hh
Stunning uphill movement, very floaty and a dream to ride.This confident youngster is stunning in every aspect and has the ability and potential to excel in any discipline.Index naturally uses his hind, making him feel lovely and light to ride.
Index has been professionally produced, he is responsive, has three well established paces and has done lots of lateral work to help build  muscle. Including working on learning lateral movements such as Traverse & leg yielding, He’s very onto it when practicing his flying changes also. He has been a dream to work with, one of the easiest yet.

Good in Water at the beach, walks straight in while on his own.No issues in the horse swimming pool on our property and swims well.
Index has had multiple outings and goes out regularly.Has competed only to 95 cm due to age. Has schooled to 1m. Including derby style.Please Note, his jump schooling is very minimal due to his age.
If your looking for an easy & uncomplicated hack for yourself or child, send me a message to book a viewing!
Price is $12,000 Inc. Gst Price may increase with mileage.



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